A young woman walks along a downtown sidewalk with traffic on her left side and flower boxes and a storefront on her right. She is using a white cane to navigate
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For people who are blind or visually impaired, the loss of sight is only the beginning of a life-changing reality. As everyday tasks become daunting, these individuals often become depressed, anxious and isolated. And the number of people who are blind or visually impaired grows every year.



People are visually impaired


People are legally blind



People are legally blind


People will become blind or visually impaired this year

Based Upon Those Who Are Blind:

low income icon

live in low-income settings

employment stats

of those who are working age are unemployed

living with depression face icon

live with depression

independence icon

travel independently with a cane or guide dog

You Can Make an Impact

To increase awareness of the programs Leader Dog provides to the blind community and to raise money to support these programs, we’ve established a $5,000 Blindness Awareness Month (BAM) fundraising goal for October. This amount is equal to the cost of training one person to travel using a white cane.

  • Donate on Facebook
  • Host your own Facebook fundraiser (on Leader Dog's Facebook page, scroll down to Fundraisers and click "+ Create")
  • Help others understand more about blindness than "It means you can't see anything." How do you see it impacting daily life? What challenges get overlooked? What's making the world better for people who are blind? Share the story of how blindness has affected you or someone you know on social media. You can also help us reach our goal by sharing a link to our fundraiser.

If you don't use Facebook but still want to participate, you can donate through our MyLeaderDog page for this cause. You can also share your story directly to Leader Dog.


We Help Make People Unstoppable

Leader Dog is the answer for thousands of people in critical need of our services. Because we believe every person deserves equal opportunity for travel and independence, all of our services are provided at no cost to our clients.

Jonelle Bray hugs her black Labrador Leader Dog, Bailey. Bailey is in harness, seated next to Jonelle. Behind is a white background

"Hello! I just finished training at the Leader Dog campus and I am so grateful for your organization. I came to Leader Dog a broken person—I left an independent person again!

You have some of the best staff, instructors, puppy raisers and veterinarians I have ever encountered. I owe you... not just for the courage to go again without my sight, but for giving my life back to me with this beautiful dog Bailey."

Jonelle Bray

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