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A smiling woman with short blond hair holds a yellow lab in Leader Dog harness next to her. Behind them is greenery

Voice of the Leader Dog Community: Karen

Learning to train with my guide dog was intense, fun and satisfying. Having her in my life… a blessing. However, being out in public with an AUTHENTIC service dog can be emotionally hurtful and draining at times. So, when I ...
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Young yellow lab puppy on red blanket next to harness. There are pendant U.S. flags in the background on a white fence.

Firework Safety for Dogs

This Independence Day, many of us will celebrate the date with fireworks. However, our dogs (and other animals) may not appreciate this form of celebration. This Fourth of July, help keep your dog and others safe with these tips. Keep ...
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Voice of the Leader Dog Community: Michele Clift

Today’s voice belongs to Michele Clift, a licensed veterinary technician at Leader Dogs for the Blind for over 20 years. She is concerned about the state of veterinary technicians in Michigan. Across the state of Michigan, we have lost multiple ...
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Voice of the Leader Dog Community: Kacie

Today’s Voice of the Leader Dog Community is LDB Client Kacie Q. who shares some insight into her first year with her first Leader Dog, Danny, that she received on May 20, 2021. The beginning of my Leader Dog journey ...
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A woman and a golden retriever are sitting on a wooden dock with a rippling blue lake in the background. The woman is smiling and sitting cross-legged with her right arm around the dog’s shoulders, she holds the dog’s brown leather leash in her left hand. She has long, straight blond hair and round wire glasses; she is wearing denim capri’s and a white, red and light grey top. The dog’s tongue is hanging out and has a black spot in the middle. He has long light tan fur and a very black nose.

Voice of the Leader Dog Community: Nancy C

One of my favorite books as a little girl was a children’s novel called Follow My Leader. It was a story about a young boy who loses his vision when he and his friends find and set off a firecracker. ...
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A group of two women and five men sit around a round gray table smiling.

Leader Dog Volunteers

When you think about what volunteering at Leader Dogs for the Blind, what comes to mind? Caring for dogs and puppies, of course! But there is so much more! Volunteers, both on and off campus, participate in every aspect of ...
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Christina and Leslie kneel next to Eric, and there's a black lab lying on the floor next to them

Behind the Microphone

What goes into creating a podcast? Well, the simple answer is a lot of hard work, dedication, commitment and of course we can’t forget a lot of fun! When I came to Leader Dog in August 2021 to be the ...
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A smiling woman with blonde wavy hair using a green brush to groom a golden retriever standing on a platform next to her. The dog has its mouth open and looks at the camera as if smiling

A Day in the Life of Our Dog Care Team

An insider’s look at how our future Leader Dogs are cared for, both physically and mentally, while staying in our canine development center. For over 80 years Leader Dogs for the Blind’s dog care staff have worked hard to ensure ...
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A smiling woman in the foreground taking a photo of herself and a smiling man in the background with a group of black and yellow lab puppies.

Voices of the Leader Dog Community: Lauren Eckberg and Justin Simard

Hello! Our names are Lauren and Justin and we have been hosting our Leader Dog Mom, Java, since December 2020. Lauren is an architect and works remotely for a firm based in Chicago that specializes in affordable housing. Justin is ...
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Ashley, a woman with long light brown/blonde hair, smiles at the camera from behind a black mask. She's holding a newborn yellow lab puppy in a green towel.

A World-Class Team

By Guide Dog Mobility Instructor Ashley Nunnelly I want to tell you today about some Leader Dog heroes. To me, the best quality of Leader Dogs for the Blind is its team. I haven’t written about this on the blog, ...
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