A row of dogs stand on a floor that looks similar to a high school gym. They are looking up at the men standing beside them who are holding their leashes. The men are pictured from the waist down

Leaving Prison Behind – A Prison Puppies Perspective

By Puppy Raiser John There is a saying among prisoners, “everyone has their own bit to do.” Some are long, some shorter, but each one is long enough (or too long) for the person it was imposed on. My bit ...
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Dan leans back onto his skateboard, which is propped up against his back. He is lying on a low wall outdoors with people walking in the background on a sidewalk in a sunny public area. A white cane leans on the wall near his feet

A New Direction: Dan Mancina

Dan Mancina was very active growing up, not letting a diagnosis of retinitis pigmentosa (RP) at age 13 slow him down. Then in his 20s his diminishing vision led him to rely on others to guide him around and he ...
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A yellow lab/golden wearing a green canine ambassador vest

Meet the Ambassador Dogs

Did you know Leader Dog has a dedicated group of canine representatives? We're often asked to bring dogs to events (here on campus and elsewhere), and one of the things we like to do with people who are getting to ...
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A man stands at a crosswalk on a busy street with a yellow lab in harness on his left

How Guide Dogs are Trained

When Future Leader Dogs are 12 to 15 months old, their volunteer puppy raisers return them to the Leader Dog campus to begin formal guide dog training. Puppy raisers have already worked with their Future Leader Dog on the fundamentals ...
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Black lab puppy wearing blue Future Leader Dog bandana looks up toward the camera

Raising a Future Leader Dog in School

By Puppy Raiser Becky Wynn I am a retired speech/language pathologist and raised my first two Future Leader Dog puppies while I was still working in the public schools in Southgate, MI. I traveled between several schools and worked with ...
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Close-up of a hand holding the Victor Reader Trek GPS device. In the background is snow and a golden retriever is visible, looking up at the person with the GPS

Webinar: You’re Going Where? GPS Training at Leader Dog

In the fourth installment of our webinar series, staff members discuss why we began offering free GPS devices and training to our clients over a decade ago. Learn about how GPS use benefits people using a cane or a guide ...
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A black Labrador in leather Leader Dog harness sits in front a bush . His mouth is slightly open and he is looking forward

Congratulations to the 2018–2019 Top Dog Lions Clubs!

Congratulations to our 2018–2019 Top Dog Lions clubs! These clubs made impactful donations to Leader Dog's mission this past fiscal year. Lions clubs donating $5,000+ to our annual fund qualify for this distinction—that's just over 1% of our supporting clubs. ...
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A black lab lies on a blanket in a whelping box with several newborn black lab puppies nursing

Looking Back on Hosting a Breeding Mom

By Gary Lewandowski On April 24, 2019, Leader Dog Mom “Trinket” officially became a “Retired Leader Dog Mom!” She gave the Leader Dog organization four great litters, all so very different but all just fantastic little individual Future Leader Dogs! ...
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A man walks down a sidewalk on a sunny day. He is using a white cane and smiling

Webinar: The Wonderful White Cane

Orientation & Mobility Training Options at Leader Dog Leader Dogs for the Blind understands the importance for someone who is blind or visually impaired to develop strong orientation & mobility (O&M) skills to increase their travel independence. Whether someone is ...
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Sarah sits smiling at the camera in front of a beige wall. She is sitting next to a yellow lab

Loving It Here for Twelve Years

I never knew how much Leader Dogs for the Blind would mean to me or how invested I would become when I began volunteering in August 2007. I started by coming in one day a week but I quickly realized ...
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