Congratulations to the 2018–2019 Top Dog Lions Clubs!

A black Labrador in leather Leader Dog harness sits in front a bush . His mouth is slightly open and he is looking forward

Congratulations to our 2018–2019 Top Dog Lions clubs! These clubs made impactful donations to Leader Dog’s mission this past fiscal year. Lions clubs donating $5,000+ to our annual fund qualify for this distinction—that’s just over 1% of our supporting clubs. Bravo!

If your Lions club wants to join the elite Top Dog Clubs this 80th anniversary year, download the flyer to learn more and get started!

Club Name District Gift
Cormorant Lions Club 5M-9 $52,500.00
Gaylord Lions Club 11-E-2 $30,250.00
Rochester Lions Club 11-A-2 $27,716.42
Broadway Lions Club 24-L $25,825.00
Eynon Archbald Lions Club 14-H $23,050.00
St. Jacob Lions Club 1-CN $20,810.97
Jasper Lions Club 2-S-1 $20,104.00
Birmingham Lions Club 11-A-2 $17,000.00
Mora Lions Club 5M-8 $15,750.00
Milford Huron Valley Lions Club 11-A-2 $15,714.00
Lewisville Lions Club 2-E-2 $15,032.00
Shelby Township Lions Club 11-A-2 $13,550.00
Romeo Lions Club 11-A-2 $12,900.00
Rochester Hills Lions Club 11-A-2 $12,050.00
Lexington Lions Club 43-C $12,000.00
Ramsey Lions Club 5M-7 $11,000.00
Dover Lions Club 14-C $10,500.00
Taylor Mill Lions Club 43-T $10,000.00
Burley Lions Club 39-W $10,000.00
Mount Aetna Lions Club 14-P $10,000.00
Macomb Township Lions Club 11-A-2 $8,100.00
Prescott Sunrise Lions Club 21-C $8,043.00
Flushing Lions Club 11-D-1 $7,903.00
Flagstaff Sunrise Lions Club 21-C $7,500.00
Algonac Lions Club 11-D-2 $6,923.00
Eustis Lions Club 38-L $6,900.00
Washington Lions Club 11-A-2 $6,639.00
Windsor Downtown Lions Club A-1 $6,593.86
Lathrup Village Lions Club 11-A-2 $6,299.61
Beverly Hills Lions Club 11-A-2 $6,275.00
Colleyville Lions Club 2-E-2 $6,208.00
Independence Lions Club 27-E-2 $6,150.00
Claymont Lions Club 22-D $6,100.00
Bloomington Lions Club 5M-5 $6,010.00
Burnsville Lions Club 5M-6 $6,000.00
Lake Orion Lions Club 11-A-2 $5,966.25
Clawson Lions Club 11-A-2 $5,750.00
Fort Wayne Central Lions Club 25-B $5,400.00
Fraser Lions Club 11-A-2 $5,341.00
Hazel Park Lions Club 11-A-2 $5,250.00
Beaufort Lions Club 31-N $5,100.00
Royal Oak Lions Club 11-A-2 $5,033.31
Wixom Walled Lake Lions Club 11-A-2 $5,021.00
Corpus Christi Southside Lions Club 2-A-3 $5,020.00
Sterling Heights Lions Club 11-A-2 $5,000.00
Byron Lions Club 1-D $5,000.00
Cedarville Lions Club 1-D $5,000.00
Elburn Lions Club 1-J $5,000.00
Kendallville Lions Club 25-B $5,000.00
Mitchell Palace City Lions Club 5-SE $5,000.00
North Pend Oreille Valley Lions Club 19-E $5,000.00
Grosse Pointe Lions Club 11-A-1 $5,000.00
Novi Lions Club 11-A-2 $5,000.00
Dewey Beach Lions Club 22-D $5,000.00
Armada Lions Club 11-A-2 $5,000.00
Plymouth Lions Club 5M-5 $5,000.00



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