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A woman in a blue coat sits outdoors on a bridge over water, kissing a yellow lab in guide harness on the nose. Text over the photo says: #LeaderDogChallenge. Who was there for you? April 24-May 8

It’s International Guide Dog Day! In celebration of the support guide dogs give their human partners every day, we’re inviting everyone to share who has helped you through a RUFF patch. It could be your Leader Dog, Future Leader Dog, a family member, close friend, or someone who was just in the right place at the right time. Share your special someone on social media, tag them (if you can) and use the tag #LeaderDogChallenge in your caption.

You can also take your recognition further by donating in your someone’s honor! Our goal is to raise $5,000 and show the world that together we can help one another through RUFF patches with someone special by our side.

Tom Dockham sits smiling and facing the camera with a black lab in harness seated next to him. Behind them is a gray photo background

Bubba is my best friend. He understands the way I stand, which way I want to go at the curbs, and the best of all he loves me and knows that a little rub of his cheek on my leg or a lick to my hand says it all.

Bubba isn’t just my Leader Dog, he is my emotional friend and knows when I get upset and is there to comfort me. From sleeping with me at night to resting at my side, Bubba is my truly wonderful bestie.

Shared by client Tom Dockham about his Leader Dog.

We want to share your stories on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, so make sure we can find you by including #LeaderDogChallenge in your post!



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