Letters to Leader Dog

Image with pictures of Terra, Justin, and Jonelle with their Leader Dogs seated next to them in harness

Sadona and I are doing well. She just “celebrated” her 6th birthday. Sadona’s work is great. We enjoy walking around our neighborhood and going places like church and shopping.

My mom wanted me to thank you for matching me with Sadona. She used to worry about me crossing crazy busy streets alone. She hasn’t worried (much) since she knows Sadona is by my side and won’t let me cross if it’s not safe.

Thank you again for matching me with such a smart and assertive worker who loves her work and enjoys playtime. She has boosted my confidence so much! Her silly antics keep me laughing. She is just the dog I need! Thank you Leader Dog!

Terra Peterson

Justin and Winnie go for daily walks around the neighborhood and walk up to a nearby shopping center often. They have bonded immensely over the last year. Winnie is always at his side. She is a great dog that has added a lot of joy to our family. She and Justin are best friends! We are overjoyed with the experience that Justin had at Leader Dog. He still talks about all the people he met.

We’ve been able to keep in contact with the puppy raiser family, the Stauffers from PA, through Facebook. It’s such a cool relationship that really warms my heart. They are such a great family and I love seeing all the work they’ve done with Leader Dog.


Amanda Mellis (Justin’s sister)

Hello! I just finished training at the Leader Dog campus and I am so grateful for your organization. I came to Leader Dog a broken person—I left an independent person again!

You have some of the best staff, instructors, puppy raisers and veterinarians I have ever encountered. I owe you… not just for the courage to go again without my sight, but for giving my life back to me with this beautiful dog Bailey. I will recommend you to all in need of Orientation & Mobility Training or a guide dog. I have no complaints. It was an eye-opening and beautiful experience. Who knows what me and Bailey will get into but I do know the adventures ahead will be awesome!

Thank you,

Jonelle Bray

I just returned from Leader Dog. After many years of being unable to go outside without assistance this was a life changer. I live in Las Vegas and the traffic here is really pedestrian unfriendly so I was petrified to leave [my place] alone.

I am proud to say since I have gotten home just three days ago I have been out more than the last six months. I went to the pharmacy last night in the dark alone to get my prescriptions that were ready. My fiancée was nervous but I wanted to do it alone as I have not done in at least eight years. I am 50 and my life is a LOT different than what it once was.

I plan on going back for a dog as soon as I can because every single person at Leader Dog was amazing, friendly, and totally caring of each and every client. Out of a 5-star rating in my book they get a 10. Everyone from the front desk, instructors, kitchen staff, and even the sales people in the store were totally amazing and truly care about every client that is there.

Christopher LaRue

Pictured above from L to R: Terra Peterson and Leader Dog Sadona, Justin Mellis and Leader Dog Winnie, Jonelle Bray and Leader Dog Bailey.


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