Pet Fire Safety

While you might not think that pets have much to do with fire safety, an astonishing 1,000 fires are started by pets each year, with another half-million pets being affected by home fires. As dog lovers, here are our top tips ...
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Macular Degeneration: A Family Affair

By Gretchen Preston | Leader Dog Client I adored watching sunsets, scanning the sky for shooting stars and summer fireworks. Never did I consider these simple things would become only visual memories. In the fifth grade, I began having problems ...
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Tips for Traveling with Your Dog

By Jeff Hawkins | Leader Dog Client Gracie and I have traveled to France, Italy, Toronto, Chicago, Wyoming, Colorado and annually to Florida over the last several years. We’ve been together through a lot. But Gracie isn’t a human traveling companion ...
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Partner Spotlight: Chief Financial Credit Union

As the saying goes, it takes a village, and it certainly takes a village to make the work that we do here at Leader Dogs for the Blind possible. An important community within the village is our corporate partners, and ...
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10 Tips for Take Your Dog to Work Day

A furry office mate? Don’t worry, it’s a good thing! During national Take your Dog to Work Day on June 24, 2016, employees all over the country will bring their furry friends along to the office. Here at Leader Dogs ...
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Thanks for Making the First Bark & Brew Event a Success!

On Saturday, June 4, we held our inaugural Bark & Brew presented by Chief Financial Credit Union. More than 2,000 attendees came out to Rochester Mills Beer Co. in support of Leader Dogs for the Blind, making our first year a ...
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A Leader Dog is Not Always Working

By Paul Teranes | Leader Dog Client and Board Member The average day in the life of a Leader Dog varies as much as the life of its user. Some dogs spend most of the day in a work environment ...
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Training Corner: Tips on training your new puppy

Spring is finally here, and for many families, this is a popular time to get a puppy. To help you successfully train your puppy, here are our top five tips, based on our experience training and successfully placing over 123 ...
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A photo of the Canine Development Center. The tan brick building has a green roof. A blue sky with white clouds can be seen over the rooftop.

International Guide Dog Day

On April 27th, we recognize International Guide Dog Day, a holiday near and dear to our hearts here at Leader Dog. As you may recall, we publicly announced the Canine Development Center Capital Campaign on this day last year - ...
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