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Four women stand smiling at the camera with their arms around each other

Proud to be a Volunteer

By Carol Dash I have found that whenever you open your heart to opportunities at Leader Dogs for the Blind, good things happen. That’s exactly what happened to me when I became a volunteer client guide two years ago. As ...
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An adolescent yellow lab wearing his Future Leader Dog bandanna laying on a large slab of rock.

Beverly Kramer, Puppy Raiser

Beverly Kramer has been raising Leader Dogs for 20 years. In 1998, she attended an annual dinner at her local Chamber of Commerce, and the keynote speaker was a woman who is blind and her Leader Dog. "It was amazing ...
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A German shepherd puppy sits and looks at the camera in front a cement wall inlaid with decorative glass

Tips for Nice Leash Walking

Leader Dog's Director of Programs, David Locklin, offers simple tips on how to teach your dog to walk nicely on a leash. Heel Position Make sure your dog is in the optimum position to walk on a loose leash (leash ...
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A man walks down a sunny, grass-lined sidewalk using a white cane

One-of-a-Kind Training

For years, Leader Dogs for the Blind had to turn down requests for guide dogs because the applicants did not have adequate orientation and mobility (O&M) skills. In many cases, O&M training was not available in the areas where people ...
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Gui Douyon and Leader Dog Emma sitting on the grass.

Gui Douyon and Leader Dog Emma

During his sophomore year of college, GuiAlix decided it was time to apply for a Leader Dog. He first needed to strengthen his orientation and mobility skills, so he flew to Michigan for our week-long, accelerated white cane travel training. ...
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Bob Justin sits in front of a gray background wearing a black and white striped polo shirt and a Marines cap. Next to him in Leader Dog harness is golden retriever Lego

Bob Justin and Leader Dog Lego

Bob Justin is the kind of guy you want to be your next-door neighbor. He’s not afraid to laugh at himself or his situation; in fact, he’s not afraid of much these days. "I don't really have a comfort zone," ...
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A fireman assists teenager Brock with holding a fire hose that is spraying water

“Amazing Experience”

My son, Brock Ewing, attended your summer camp and he enjoyed it to the fullest! I was so pleased by your staff, activities planned, and how clean and nice the campus was. The staff was so caring and sweet—I could ...
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An adult woman, sitting in front, and a teenage girl ride a tandem bike on a sunny day on a road in front of trees and bushes. Both are smiling

Summer Experience Camp, an Instructor’s Perspective

By Leslie Hoskins, COMS EXHAUSTING! If I had to describe Summer Experience Camp in just one word, it would be “exhausting.” However, it’s more than that—it’s meaningful, impactful and a great experience for campers and instructors. As instructors, camp allows ...
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Three young women stand outdoors facing the camera, smiling. The woman in the center is holding a white cane

No Limits

Ashley, center, at camp in 2016 Two days after her 16th birthday, Ashley Eisenmenger came to Leader Dog for the first time for Summer Experience Camp. What followed was a week of new experiences that changed her life. “I rode ...
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The new face of leader dog

The New Face of Leader Dog

We are proud to introduce the new logo, font and colors of Leader Dogs for the Blind. We’ve updated our style to better represent who we are, what we do and the people we serve. This revised style will help ...
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