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Yellow lab puppy on left with bag of Purina ProPlan Sport bag of dog food. Right side shows a man smiling and walking with a Leader Dog in harness across a cement bridge. ProPlan logo in corner

ProPlan: Fueling Leader Dogs for over 20 Years

"It takes a pretty remarkable dog to make my travels unremarkable, but that is exactly what my Leader Dog Wake does for me. It is incredible.” – LDB Client Calvin V Travel of any kind relies on fuel. Airliners burn ...
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Man standing near a river with a bridge in the background. He is holding a white cane

On the Road with Barry: Pennsylvania

Day 1 “… you will find fortune, though it will not be the fortune you seek. But first, first ye must travel a long and difficult road. A road fraught with peril. You shall see things, wonderful to tell… I ...
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Yellow lab in harness looking up while sitting on sidewalk

Hero: The Story of a Leader Dog Dad Turned Leader Dog

Meet Hero, a 3-year-old Labrador retriever who was raised in the prison system as part of our Prison Puppies initiative. When he came back to Leader Dog to go into formal training, our breeding team determined he would become a ...
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White river running through forest

On the Road with Barry: North Carolina

Day 1 I love the airport! Such a melting pot of cultures, sights and sounds. The leisurely walk through the newly constructed, widened terminals are a joy. Lots of natural light is good for the soul. Also, I hate the ...
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Person facing away from camera walking down side of snowy road with white cane. The person is weraing a bright pink/red coat and dark pants.

On the Road with Barry: Wisconsin

Day One On the parking shuttle, an older couple boarded after I was settled in. She sat across from me, while he sat next to me. Both were wearing Hawaiian shirts, and she was badgering him about his shoe choice. ...
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Olivia sitting on top of a rocky hill in a tank top and shorts with water and trees visible in the distance behind. She is crouching and hugging an Australian cattle dog sitting next to her.

Volunteering at Leader Dog

I started volunteering with Leader Dogs for the Blind in fall of 2022. As an Oakland County native, I surprisingly didn’t know about Leader Dog growing up. My first exposure was a few years ago when I was living in ...
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A man in a tan sweatshirt and jeans sits in a yellow plastic chair holding a young yellow lab puppy in his lap. The puppy is licking its nose as the man looks down at it.

National Volunteer Week at Leader Dog

National Volunteer Week was established by Presidential Proclamation in 1974 to bring focus to the millions of individuals who freely give their time and talents to better their community. Later, the week of appreciation was expanded to include the entire ...
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A woman with short blond hair in a blue shirt and black leggings walks on a sidewalk surrounded by grass with a white cane in her hand. Behind her is a man in a green polo and khaki pants.

Choosing a White Cane

My name is Brad Welling, and I am one of the certified orientation and mobility specialists (COMS) here at Leader Dog. I’m originally from the Kalamazoo area in Michigan where I attended Western Michigan University. I graduated from WMU with ...
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Arizona countryside with dirt/sand path along left side of photo

On the Road with Barry: Arizona

The home delivery option for orientation and mobility is a new one at Leader Dog since June 2022. It’s an option we’ve always thought would be a good idea with our clients, either serving directly in their homes at the ...
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Black lab in Leader Dog harness facing toward the camera on a sidewalk. A person's leg can be seen in the background next to the dog. The background is blurred and the dog in focus

Guide Dog Myths and Truths

Today, we’re going to talk about guide dogs—those amazing four-legged companions who help people with visual impairments get around. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions out there about these incredible dogs, so we’re going to sort through the ...
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Celebrate Someone Special

Celebrate or remember a special person, pet or moment for the holidays. We will send a card to the person or family to notify them of your generous gift.