Meet Puppy #20,000 – Legacy!

Legacy is sitting in front of a Leader Dog photo backdrop (white with the Leader Dog logo repeated in blue, orange and green). He looks like an adult dog and is still a reddish yellow color. He's wearing the blue Future Leader Dog bandana and looking up at the camera with a serious face.Say hello to Future Leader Dog Legacy – the puppy wearing tag #20,000! This adorable Labrador/golden cross is pictured in the photo album below with his puppy raisers, Erin, Kate and Eric, who are all guide dog mobility instructors at Leader Dog and are team-raising Legacy. Legacy is now at home working on his learning journey.

Update from Legacy's puppy raisers: We cannot believe that Legacy is one year old already! Legacy's current favorite activities are playing with his puppy friends at work, carrying as many toys in his mouth as possible, and working on learning new skills such as a chin rest on the handler's hand and how to back himself under a chair to stay safe from getting stepped on. He is currently working on improving his confidence in new environments and around loud noises, staying focused when people he knows are around, and continuing all the basics like loose leash walking. He makes everyone who meets him smile with his charm and good looks!

How Legacy Got His Name

In the spring of 2020, 343 people voted on five possible names for this milestone puppy. But the scales were tipped to the name Legacy by a large number of votes from AAA – The Auto Club Group. “We are huge supporters of Leader Dog, so when we were working from home and saw the opportunity to vote on the name of puppy #20,000, we knew we had to jump on it,” says Megan Williams, Senior Vice President of HR for AAA. “The word ‘legacy’ is important to us because, like Leader Dog, our legacy is one of service. AAA has been a trusted advocate for the American public for over 100 years. Especially during the current national epidemic, we are glad that we bring peace of mind to our members.”

Follow Legacy's Journey

Stay tuned to all our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn) for updates on Future Leader Dog Legacy over the coming year! Future Leader Dog Legacy also has his own Instagram account. This page will also be updated with photos and info as Legacy grows.

Thank you to everyone who donated to vote on a name. You can still give in honor of Legacy and more puppies like him on their journeys to become trusted guide dogs. The partnership of someone who is blind with a Leader Dog is only possible because of incredible supporters like you.

Light Up Leader Dog

Join us this holiday season as we Light Up Leader Dog! For a $10 donation, a luminary will be placed in your honor on Leader Dog's campus on the evening of December 11, 2021.