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All Leader Dog programs are provided at no cost to our clients thanks to dedicated donor support. In addition to the training, meals and housing during training, travel and equipment costs are all paid by Leader Dogs for the Blind because we believe no one should be denied access to independent travel.

Guide Dog

This program matches clients with a Leader Dog and offers training in a wide variety of situations to fit current and future needs. Multiple options for the training format are available. Discover more about our Guide Dog program.

Orientation and Mobility (O&M)

This seven-day, on-campus white cane training program empowers people by providing the skills needed to travel safely indoors and outdoors using a white cane. Discover more about O&M.

Teen Orientation and Mobility

This program provides instruction for teenagers 16 and 17 years old and a supporter (usually a parent). This seven-day white cane training program offers skills and training to teens and an in-depth educational experience for their supporters. Discover more about Teen O&M.

Teen Summer Camp

A unique way for teenagers 16 and 17 to gain leadership skills, have fun, get an introduction to Leader Dogs in training and spend time with peers who are facing similar challenges. Discover more about Teen Summer Camp.

To talk to someone about our programs, application process or any other questions you may have, contact our client services team.