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A collage of images of cats and dogs that belong to Leader Dog team members. The pets are doing a variety of things such as lounging near computers while team members work, walking outdoors, staring into the camera, or getting a bath

Stay at Home Activities

The Leader Dog team expected to host our inaugural Bring Your Child to Work Day this year, but due to the spread of COVID-19, it was canceled. Instead, we celebrated the whole week with a variety of creative activities you can do at home! We are sharing these activities for anyone else who may be looking to do something fun while staying home. Many of these projects are perfect for family members of all ages.

Video Library

Listen along with Leader Dogs in training as we read "A Leader Dog's Story," brought to you by Guide Dog Mobility Instructors (GDMI) Heidi and Dan and Apprentice GDMI Erin.

Always wanted to learn guitar? Now is the perfect time! Director of Programs David created a series of videos to get you on your way.

We invited client Shannon Columb to talk with the Leader Dog team and our families about herself and her life with Leader Dog Frasier right now.

Apprentice Guide Dog Mobility Instructor Stephanie will walk you through a step-by-step process for how to draw a dog.

Make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich under blindfold. Outreach Services & Community Engagement Manager Leslie and her family demonstrate.

Our own fitness coach, Apprentice Guide Dog Mobility Instructor Annalee, will walk you through a workout that can be adjusted for every age and fitness level.

Paint a cute and simple Future Leader Dog with help from Guide Dog Mobility Instructor Heidi. Great project for kids! Materials needed included with video.

Food Service Cook/Resident Assistant Elizabeth shows you how to make your own delicious granola at home.

More Activities

Clear Communication: One person describes the picture(s) while another draws! Take a picture of what you were describing and what the person drawing actually drew. You can even do this activity over the phone or video chat! Download instructions and example sheet (PDF).

Coloring: You are never too old to color! Download our coloring sheets (PDF) and bring Leader Dogs and Future Leader Dog puppies to life. Don’t have a printer? Never fear! You can tape a piece of paper over your computer screen and gently trace the images.