A woman kneels on grass in a neatly manicured yard. She is smiling at the black lab lying next to her on the grass. The lab is wearing a Future Leader Dog bandanna and looking up at the woman

Is Puppy Raising Right for Me?

Thank you for your interest in raising a Future Leader Dog! Raising a puppy is an intensive, yearlong commitment to the goal of raising a successful Leader Dog. Puppy raising is a rewarding experience that helps to make a positive difference in the life of someone who is blind or visually impaired. It is also a life-changing and challenging experience requiring dedication to provide daily care and consistent training to a puppy. You will become part of a team that includes Leader Dog staff, volunteer puppy raisers and volunteer puppy counselors who all work together to help support raising a successful Leader Dog.

Our puppy raiser profiler is the first step to helping you decide if raising a puppy is compatible with your lifestyle by providing feedback based on your answers.


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