Breed: Chocolate Labrador retriever

Gender: Female

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Growing Up In: Michigan

Favorite Toy: KONG® (preferably stuffed with a snack)

Personality: Bold, Playful, Upbeat

Go to Sequoia: A young chocolate lab puppy walks toward the camera. She is wearing a blue Future Leader Dog bandana

Future Leader Dog Sequoia is one of the more than 400 puppies being raised right now across the U.S. to become the eyes and companion of someone who is blind. Her puppy raisers will spend a year training Sequoia to be the best puppy she can be, taking her to new places, introducing her to all kinds of people and animals, and helping her to be calm and well behaved. Once Sequoia reaches adulthood, she will come back to Leader Dogs for the Blind for four months of formal training with a guide dog mobility instructor to become a highly skilled Leader Dog.

When you sponsor Sequoia today, your generous action is what makes it possible to pair an incredible dog like her with a person who is blind at no cost to them.

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