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A woman with short blond hair in a blue shirt and black leggings walks on a sidewalk surrounded by grass with a white cane in her hand. Behind her is a man in a green polo and khaki pants.

Choosing a White Cane

My name is Brad Welling, and I am one of the certified orientation and mobility specialists (COMS) here at Leader Dog. I’m originally from the Kalamazoo area in Michigan where I attended Western Michigan University. I graduated from WMU with an undergraduate degree along with a master’s in orientation and mobility. While attending WMU I … Read more

Six people, two women and four men, stand on a gravel road, smiling at the camera. Three people hold white canes.

What is Orientation and Mobility?

You may not have heard of “orientation and mobility” or “O&M” before, but you’re probably familiar with the concept of someone who’s blind traveling with a white cane. Orientation and mobility (O&M) is how we refer to the training people receive to navigate with a white cane successfully. Let’s break it down. The “orientation” in … Read more

A woman with a white cane walks down a sidewalk on a sunny day. There is an arch with a bar through the middle placed on the sidewalk in front of her. This is an obstacle for her to practice working around.

Orientation & Mobility Experience at Leader Dog

By Client Justin Whittington When writing my articles, I try to educate both the visually impaired and the sighted community. In this article, I will be going through my visit to the Leader Dog campus to answer any questions one might have and what to expect when going through [orientation and mobility] training while also … Read more