Host a Breeding Dog

The future of our guide dog program depends in large part on volunteers who host specially selected breeding dogs. This dedicated group of volunteers provides foster homes for breeding stock moms and dads for the life of these dogs.

Orientation Session and Learn More

We offer orientation sessions for people interested in hosting a breeding dog who would like to learn more before hosting.

To learn more about hosting a breeding stock dog or register for an upcoming orientation, email Volunteer Engagement Coordinator Nicole Buday.

Upcoming Breeding Host Orientation: June 16, 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. Email Nicole Buday if you are interested in attending.


Leader Dog provides veterinary care, as well as heartworm and flea preventative treatments. The host family is responsible for all costs related to routine care, feeding and transporting the dog to our campus in Rochester Hills, Michigan. Families hosting a female dog are also responsible for the care and whelping of puppies for the first seven weeks of life.

Obedience Training and Other Support

Dogs in the breeding program are bred to be athletic and are happiest when living with families. Leader Dog recommends basic obedience training for all dogs. The breeding department also offers educational support and is always available for emergency whelping or assistance.