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The Leader Dog Difference

Like the dogs we train, our goal is to be a leader.

Dedicated donor support makes these initiatives possible and allows us to provide our programs at no cost to our clients.

We Innovate

We don't wait for someone else to try it. When we see a need, we address it.

  • First dedicated guide dog program for people who are DeafBlind.

  • First guide dog organization to provide a free GPS device and training.

  • First guide dog organization to provide an accelerated program to teach orientation & mobility.

  • First summer camp for teens to incorporate teaching leadership skills, orientation & mobility skills and self-advocacy.

We Listen

Our services aren't "one size fits all." We provide delivery models to meet our clients where they are.

  • Customized services for clients who cannot leave work or family for an extended period of time.

  • Urban guide dog training for clients who live, work or travel in big city environments.

  • Warm weather training during the winter for clients who live in temperate climates.

  • On-campus follow-up services for college students who recently received their first Leader Dog.

We Improve

We believe that just because something works doesn't mean we can't do it better.

  • Modernize housing and training facilities for our clients and our canines.

  • Dual-train dogs for people who are DeafBlind to guide and to respond to specific environmental auditory cues.

  • Incorporate the most effective, up-to-date ways to train our dogs, including positive reinforcement methods.

  • Team up with assistive technology providers to improve technology for people who are blind.

We Collaborate

Working with others lets us achieve things we couldn't do on our own and opens the door for more creative solutions.

  • Team up with guide dog organizations in Spain, Mexico and Brazil to provide training and follow-up services.

  • Partner with agencies and universities to fulfill needs in the blind rehabilitation community.

  • Share knowledge and metrics through the International Guide Dog Federation and U.S. Council of Dog Guide Schools.

  • Work with correctional facilities to raise puppies in prisons.