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Two men and two women stand smiling at the camera. They are dressed in business casual clothing

Board Members

Executive Officers

  • Susan Daniels, President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Lorene Suidan, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
  • Jeff Lev, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Melissa Weisse, Vice President and Chief Philanthropy Officer


  • Kathryn Davis, Board Chair
  • Steve Guarini, Immediate Past Chair
  • Kim Gorman, Vice-Chair
  • Anne Arvia, Treasurer
  • Mark Guthrie, Secretary


  • Arun Anand
  • Jackie Buchanan
  • Franklin Carmona, DVM
  • Honorable Stephanie Dawkins Davis
  • Margaret Dimond, PhD
  • Paul Edwards, MD, FACS
  • Jill Garvey
  • Jill Gaus
  • John Hebert
  • Diane Henderson
  • Brian Hock
  • Michele Honomichl
  • Justice Marilyn Kelly
  • Thomas O’Masta
  • Paul Preketes
  • John Reed
  • Avril Rinn
  • Mary Smith
  • Daniel Spriet
  • Kurt Terrien
  • Marc Wisniewski
  • Douglas Wright, CPA

Honorary Trustees

  • Celia Domalewski
  • Lon Grossman
  • Paul Hemeryck
  • Daniel Markey
  • James Platzer
  • Hendrik Schuur

Board Committees

In addition to the board members who serve on our committees, we also have a dedicated group of volunteer non-trustees. Volunteer non-trustees are professionals who have experience that they would like to share as a member of a board committee but who are not members of the Leader Dog board.

The Assistive Technology, Accessibility and Advocacy Committee oversees the organization’s use and implementation of assistive technology, ensures adherence to Leader Dog’s accessibility philosophy and makes recommendations to Leader Dog on matters relating to client advocacy.

The Audit Committee oversees the organization's annual external audit and its system of internal controls over financial reporting.

The Business Development Committee researches and develops strategies to increase alternative revenue sources per the organization's strategic plan.

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee ensures organizational commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion at the highest level and throughout the organization.

The Ethics Committee's purpose is to ensure that the Leader Dog mission is executed with the highest ethical standards and in alignment with organizational values and to review, interpret and monitor the organizational Code of Ethical Standards.

The Executive Committee conducts such business as is necessary or desirable during those periods when the Board of Trustees is not in session.

The Finance Committee oversees the fiscal accountability and budgetary affairs of Leader Dogs for the Blind.

The Governance Committee establishes and maintains a dynamic, diverse, engaged and knowledgeable Board of Trustees that has received a comprehensive orientation and is fully aware of board responsibilities to enhance the quality and viability of the board on a consistent basis.

The Mission Assurance and Quality Committee oversees performance metrics, outcomes, quality, continuous improvement and strategic plan progress and ensures alignment with the mission statement of Leader Dogs for the Blind.

The Philanthropy Committee oversees the development and fundraising activities of Leader Dogs for the Blind, ensuring that the case for support is strong, current and based on the organization’s mission and goals.

The Technology Committee serves as a strategic partner for the Leader Dog team, focusing on the alignment of core business and technology so that the organization remains in the mainstream of continually evolving technology and IT solutions.

The Leader Dog Foundation group manages the foundation fund.