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Front of brick building with large windows with large trees on either side. The words Leader Dogs for the Blind are across the top of the building

Downtown Training Center

Because our clients live and work in many different types of environments, the majority of guide dog and O&M training is not done on Leader Dog’s campus. We have utilized the same local communities and parks for decades and are very familiar with the opportunities and challenges they offer.

Home to Leader Dog since 1939, the community of downtown Rochester offers a busy main street with stores, parks and a large residential area. Rochester has several audible street crossings that give our clients some added safety and direction during their first solo street crossings with their new guide dogs.

One and a half miles from our main campus is our downtown Rochester Training Facility. Built in 1976, this facility serves as a staging area for clients and dogs in training. Clients and dogs start and end practice routes in Rochester here, and they relax and grab a drink in between training sessions. The Rochester Training Facility is situated to offer easy access to both residential and city environments.