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Two teenage boys and a teenage girl stand holding white canes in front of them, smiling. They are outdoors in front of a brick building with a Leader Dog logo in the window.

Teen Orientation and Mobility

Teen Orientation and Mobility provides O&M training for teens who have completed a year of high school and education for a supporter (typically a family member) to learn more about blindness, the skills their loved one uses and how to help in O&M goals. Instruction can cover basic cane skills to advanced cane skills to guide dog readiness.

Participants in this program stay in a local hotel and participate in our traditional training environments. All travel, meals and hotel expenses are covered by Leader Dog. During the instruction period, clients and their supporters also receive a tour of the Leader Dog facilities.

This program, like our traditional O&M program, takes place over the course of one week. Teen O&M dates are available for a specific week each June, July and August. To apply, simply start an O&M application!

A teen girl holdinng a white cane stands smiling with two adult women on either side."It's just invaluable. I'm seeing how much she has grown in her travel since the last time I was able to observe her doing a lesson several years ago. I'm learning what I need to do now to support her to continue learning. The experience of doing a blindfold walk – it's one of the coolest things I've done in my lifetime. And I see the confidence and independence that she's able to achieve.

I think my initial impression of [Leader Dogs for the Blind] is that these are all very kind, caring, very knowledgeable, passionate people. They've shown us nothing but respect, caring and kindness and they're all really, really good at what they do. Which as a parent makes me feel like Morgan is in really good hands here and she's being taught what she needs to learn. They know what they're doing. And the fact that it is all being provided free of charge – it's hard to imagine that that can even happen – that there are so many caring people out there making this."

~ Lexie (pictured on the right with daughter Morgan and instructor Jenny)

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