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A young woman walks along a downtown sidewalk with traffic on her left side and flower boxes and a storefront on her right. She is using a white cane to navigate

Orientation & Mobility Options

At Leader Dogs for the Blind, we know the importance of safe and independent daily travel. We understand that everyone’s abilities, circumstances and the way they learn are different. That’s why we offer a variety of free training options tailored to meet each client’s needs.

When applying for Orientation & Mobility (O&M), please indicate the option(s) you are interested in. Depending on your personal needs, you may learn a variety of skills across the following formats:

Introduction to O&M

  • Ideal for individuals who have received little to no training
  • A great selection for someone who has never traveled with a cane before and is wondering if now is the time to work with one
  • All clients will be given a cane and have the opportunity to try an assortment of cane tips in various environments

O&M Brush-Up

  • Ideal for individuals who have had formal training in the past and wish to increase or refresh their independent travel skills
  • Perfect for those who have had a change in their travel environment or vision since their last training
  • A great option for long-time guide dog users who are seeking to brush up their cane skills

Guide Dog Readiness

This class does not guarantee acceptance into guide dog training.

  • Ideal for individuals who want to learn more about the O&M skills required to successfully work with a guide dog
  • A great selection for those wondering if a guide dog is a good fit for their lifestyle or travel environment

Advanced O&M

  • Ideal for individuals who are seeking to travel more confidently in complex environments
  • Perfect for someone who wants to analyze complex intersections
  • A great selection for someone who frequently travels in unfamiliar environments

In-Home O&M:

  • A certified O&M specialist provides one-on-one instruction in the client’s home environment. Training duration is up to 5 days
  • Clients can continue to care for their families and fulfill some work commitments during evening hours
  • Focuses on client’s standard routes to work, school, medical appointments, etc.
  • Works around personal and/or family health issues

Teen O&M

Teen O&M is provided to teens who have completed a year of high school along with education for a supporter (i.e. family member) to learn more about blindness, the skills their loved one uses and how to help in O&M goals. Participants in this program stay in a local hotel and participate in our traditional training environments. All travel, meals and hotel expenses are covered by Leader Dog. This program is one week long and will occur in June, July and August.

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