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Sponsor a Puppy

These five puppies have big futures. Right now, each one is living with a volunteer puppy raiser, building the foundation for the work they were born to do as guides. Your symbolic sponsorship makes a difference not only for the puppies who will grow up to become heroes to their partners, but also for the partners whose lives will be changed by these dogs.

Sponsor a Puppy for Someone Special

Puppy sponsorship makes a great gift! Choose a Future Leader Dog and select the gift option when making your donation, and we will send the puppy packet to your lucky recipient.

Golden retriever puppy in blue Future Leader Dog bandanna standing with its front paws on an orange toy and looking into the camera


Toffee is growing up in Wisconsin and this little golden retriever cross is attentive and entertaining! When you sponsor Toffee (or any of our heroes-in-training), you'll receive:

  • A 5x7 photograph suitable for framing
  • Four wallet-size photos to share
  • A puppy profile
  • An official sponsorship certificate
  • A plush puppy
  • And most importantly, the knowledge your sponsorship will help change lives

Your Sponsorship Makes a Difference

Lisa sits next to golden retriever Hopper, smiling

[Leader Dog Hopper] is going to impact my life significantly. I will be able to venture out by myself, use Uber and go out on my own. It was awesome just to walk with him down the sidewalk and not have to "feel" everything. I forgot what that was like.

Lisa McGuire and Leader Dog Hopper

Connie smiles with her arms around yellow lab Sky

If I want to take a walk, I can. If I want to hop on a bus to have lunch with my husband during his lunch hour, I can. We like to go to the symphony and we can with Sky. Before I got my first [guide] dog, I couldn't even take the trash out.

Connie Bowman and Leader Dog Sky

Marguerite leans her head against yellow lab Avery's head and smiles

My life will be so much more independent. I will be able to utilize public transportation instead of having my husband drive me everywhere.

Marguerite Boersma and Leader Dog Avery

William looks straight toward the camera, smiling. His left arm is around black lab Sylvan

I don't know if words can explain. [Leader Dog Sylvan] is a dream come true. The companionship was unparalleled and the ease of getting around versus using a cane... I'm much more at ease."

William Baer and Leader Dog Sylvan

Abigail smiles at the camera while hugging black lab Yoda

[Leader Dog Yoda] will give me back a sense of security as a woman living alone in a big city.

Abigail Blackwell and Leader Dog Yoda

William smiles while hugging golden retriever Brody

I can get around and do what I want to. [Having Leader Dogs] enabled me to go out; it's enabled me not to end up like my wife's brother. He has [retinitis pigmentosa] and basically shut himself in.

William Bowers and Leader Dog Brody

Robert smiles while holding yellow lab Rocky

After just this week, I'm in love. I'm going to be able to go a lot of different places. Last night I put all my trust in this dog. I haven't taken a night walk in years. [Leader Dog Rocky] made me so happy I don't believe it. He's so good.

Robert Rock and Leader Dog Rocky

Your tax-deductible gift helps to make people unstoppable.

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Celebrate Someone Special

Celebrate or remember a special person, pet or moment for the holidays. We will send a card to the person or family to notify them of your generous gift.