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These six puppies have big futures. Right now, each one is living with a volunteer puppy raiser, building the foundation for the work they were born to do as guides. Your symbolic sponsorship makes a difference not only for the puppies who will grow up to become heroes to their partners, but also for the partners whose lives will be changed by these dogs.

With Your Sponsorship

You will receive a 5x7 photograph of your sponsored Future Leader Dog suitable for framing, four wallet-size photos to share, a profile of your Future Leader Dog, and an official sponsorship certificate.

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Puppy sponsorship makes a great gift! Choose a Future Leader Dog and select the gift option when making your donation, and we will send the puppy packet to your chosen recipient.

Your Gift Makes a Difference

Close-up photo of a woman wearing a flowery shirt next to a black lab in leather Leader Dog harness. The woman is smiling and her arm is around the dog. The dog is licking her cheek

Just graduated from the guide dog course and I loved my experience. Trainers are so supportive and resident assistants are caring. I met so many volunteers and employees from Leader Dog and the passion is evident. And not to mention I made some new friends from my class and my Leader Dog is absolutely amazing!

Juanita Lillie and Leader Dog Baylor

Photo of a man in a white button up shirt sitting in front of a gray backdrop. Next to him is a yellow lab in leather Leader Dog harness with her head tilted toward Francisco

Really cool her name is Freedom because that's what it means to have a guide dog. The cane was freedom for 30 years but the dog changes that freedom dramatically!

Francisco De Lima and Leader Dog Lady Freedom

Photo of a woman wearing a red dress smiling and facing the camera. She is sitting in front of a gray backdrop with her left arm around a yellow lab/golden retriever cross in leather Leader Dog harness

I have had a fear of stairs for as long as I've been going blind. [Leader Dog Willow] actually gave me the courage to take on a double flight of stairs after having a major panic attack trying to go down one step. So hooray for Willow and me!

Thank you LDB for everything you stand for and do.

Jackie Hollenbeck and Leader Dog Willow

Photo of a woman in a pink button up shirt sitting in front of a gray backdrop and smiling at the camera. Her arms are around the black lab seated to her left

Leader Dog is a great place! I did more of my O&M training in March 2015 and today I'm leaving with my Leader Dog Lady! The staff, instructors are all great! Thanks Leader Dog! This place is the best place to come if you are blind or visually impaired! Now that I have Lady, I can walk with confidence and independently!

Dawn Rudolph and Leader Dog Lady

Photo of a man in a purple polo shirt with the Lions Clubs logo on it. He is smiling at the camera and sitting in front of a gray backdrop with his hands on the black lab in harness seated next to him

Changed my life. To be able to reclaim independent, safe travel is great. Can't imagine my life without my new Leader Dog Shadow.

David Chase and Leader Dog Shadow

Your tax-deductible gift helps to make people unstoppable.

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