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A team of five Leader Dog instructors


We recruit passionate individuals who share our organizational values. We place strong emphasis on people and the importance of cultivating an environment that encourages personal responsibility, doing what is right and teamwork. We seek new team members who are committed to enhancing these values within our organization. If you are interested in applying for an open position, please view our current openings and complete our online application.

Cultural fit is one of the most important criteria for hiring. "Do what is right" is a core value of Leader Dogs for the Blind and drives every decision. Beyond our open-door policy where team members have access to senior management, you will find our work environment to be customer driven, professional and collaborative. Although we are all hard at work supporting our mission, we are also committed to a healthy work-life balance for our team.

Clients and visitors to our campus describe the atmosphere as "open," "friendly," "informative," "engaged." Our employees, board members and volunteers are passionate about what we do, and that passion can be felt in everything we do.

Read one team member's assessment of working at Leader Dog: "Best Job in the World."

View our current openings and apply today.

How Do I Become a Guide Dog Mobility Instructor?

Learn how we teach our instructors through apprenticeships here at Leader Dog. You can also listen to an episode of our podcast, Taking the Lead, where two of our apprentice guide dog mobility instructors discuss their experiences: Six Seconds Later.

Internships and Externships

Please check our listed openings for internship opportunities.

Veterinary Externships

We have provided externship opportunities to veterinary students for the past 20 years, offering a unique opportunity to follow the life of a Leader Dog from conception through graduation and beyond. Learn more about our veterinary externships.

Dryer Foundation Orientation & Mobility Internship Academy

The Leader Dogs for the Blind Dryer Foundation Orientation & Mobility Internship Academy is a premier internship for master’s degree level students.