Jackson, a future Leader Dog posing for the camera.
Future Leader Dog Jackson is destined for greatness.

Thanks to the dedication of puppy raisers and all our volunteers, we are able to provide our services 100% free of charge.

Jackson, a future Leader Dog posing for the camera.
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At our Double Dog Dare event, we triple dog dare you to rappel down from 15 stories high. Are you in?

Jackson, a future Leader Dog posing for the camera.
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Make Everyone Unstoppable

With your help and our expertise, more people can travel safer, easier and with greater freedom than ever before. 

Blindness changes everything.

For people who are blind or visually impaired, the loss of sight is only the beginning of a life-changing reality. As the simplest to the most complex everyday tasks become daunting, these individuals often become depressed, anxious and isolated.

Why Leader Dog?

Leader Dog is the answer for thousands of people in critical need of our services. Because we believe every person deserves equal opportunity for independent travel, all of our services are provided at no cost, covering expenses for training, room, and board, and travel to our campus from anywhere in North America.

Carolyn kneels in a hallways with a golden retriever standing in front of her. Carolyn examines the dog with one hand running down the dog's back while with the other hand, Carolyn feeds the dog a treat

Breeding Future Leader Dogs

By Carolyn Whitesell, breeding program manager What is involved in breeding dogs here at Leader Dog? A lot of time, work, medical exams and tests! Dogs left on their own … Read more

A black lab and two yellow labs wearing blue Future Leader Dog bandannas stand or sit, looking up at their handlers, who are only visible from the waist down. The handlers are wearing blue pants with an orange stripe down the side, indicating they are inmates

Prison Puppies FAQs

By Melissa Spooner, LVT, coordinator of Prison Puppies Prison Puppies allows inmates to raise guide dog candidates for Leader Dogs for the Blind. Prison Puppies has proven to be a … Read more

Bill sits in a chair in a suite in the canine center. He is smiling at the camera with one hand on the yellow lab lying next to him on a Kuranda bed

A Love of Dogs and Volunteering

I was born in Minnesota and lived in California and Wisconsin before making my way to Michigan after college. Unfortunately, my dog passed away after I retired from a career … Read more