Senior Management

Sue Daniels sits outdoors on a bench with a yellow lab seated next to her on the ground. Sue has one hand on the dog

Susan Daniels, CPA

President and Chief
Executive Officer

Dani Landolt sits on concrete steps with her hands on an adolescent golden retriever puppy wearing Future Leader Dog bandanna

Dani Landolt

Chief Marketing

Closeup of Lorene Suidan smiling and holding a young German shepherd puppy wearing Future Leader Dog bandanna

Lorene Suidan, CPA

Chief Operating
Officer & Chief Financial Officer

Kevin is seated at an outdoor table on a brick walkway. Next to him in leather Leader Dog harness is a black lab

Kevin O'Callaghan

Chief Talent

Melissa walks outdoors toward the camera, smiling, with a yellow Labrador ambassador dog in green ambassador jacket walking next to her on leash

Melissa Weisse, CFRE

Chief Philanthropy

Dr. Smith kneels on brick while wearing scrubs and his white coat. He is smiling at the camera with his hands on a golden retriever in harness sitting next to him

David Smith, DVM

Director of Veterinary

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