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An older woman sits on grass on a sunny day, smiling at the camera. Her arm is around a German shepherd lying next to her. A wooden fence is visible in the background

Current Clients & Graduates

Whether you are receiving services from Leader Dog for the first time or attended one of our programs in the past, we are here to assist you with your independent travel needs. After your training program is complete, our client services team and field service representatives are available to help with a range of services that can include preparations for your next application, contacting instructors for training advice, workplace and safety evaluations and equipment purchases.

Our client services representatives are available at 888-777-5332 or via email at clientservices@leaderdog.org.

In-Home Assistance

Leader Dog's field representatives are trained guide dog mobility instructors and/or certified O&M specialists who can assist clients with transition and working problems. Field representatives conduct in-home assessments and acquire short videos of prospective clients to help with the admissions process. They also conduct home deliveries for clients who need to be trained in their home environments. Our field representatives are committed to providing quality follow-up services to our clients for the entire working life of the team and can even help with retirement decisions when needed.

If a field representative is traveling your vicinity, they may call and offer to visit and assist you with any issues you may have with your dog, your travel skills or your environment.

Celebrate Someone Special

Celebrate or remember a special person, pet or moment for the holidays. We will send a card to the person or family to notify them of your generous gift.