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Side of the canine development center in summer. There are plants and picnic tables on red brick next to the building


We are located in beautiful Rochester Hills, Michigan. The original parcel of land rented in 1939 when Leader Dogs for the Blind was established is still the cornerstone of the 14-acre campus we occupy today. The original farmhouse, garage and barn are long gone, having been replaced over the years by larger, more modern facilities that better meet the needs of our clients, dogs and team members.

Our main campus is the first training area that our dogs and clients experience. It includes a sidewalk that covers a large distance on the grounds, crisscrossing a “street” and outfitted with an audible street crossing for practice. The grounds also contain several pens of varying sizes where the dogs can run and play.

The main campus is where the Polk Residence Center and canine development center are located. The residence is home base for clients during their 25-day stay at Leader Dog and is attached to administration offices for our philanthropy, communications, information technology, client services, facilities, human resources, volunteering and finance departments. This building also includes office space for our orientation and mobility team and a work area for our instructors when they are not in the field. The canine development center houses our puppies and dogs, with dedicated spaces for young puppies, breeding dogs, and dogs in all stages of training. Our veterinary clinic and offices are central to this building. Staff in canine care, breeding, puppy development and maintenance work in this area.