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A woman walks with a guide dog in harness across a covered parking area in front of the MGM Grand Detroit. Behind her, a man walks with another dog in harness



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One-of-a-Kind Training

Bob Rock uses a white cane to navigate down a sidewalk on a sunny day. Slightly behind him is a woman in a Leader Dog polo observing his progress

For years, Leader Dog had to turn down guide dog applicants because they did not have adequate orientation and mobility (O&M) skills. That’s why we began offering our accredited Accelerated Orientation & Mobility Training program. ... Read More

Leader Dog for the Soul

The Williams family kneels outdoors with a black lab

One of our most memorable Leader Dog experiences was meeting Miguel, the client who had received one of the puppies we raised, and his interpreter. Miguel told us that he quickly learned that although [his Leader Dog] was small she had the biggest heart of all, after which Miguel, my family and even the interpreter cried. ... Read More

Bob and Leader Dog Lego

Bob Justin sits in front of a gray background wearing a black and white striped polo shirt and a Marines cap. Next to him in Leader Dog harness is golden retriever Lego

As Bob’s partner, Leader Dog Lego helps Bob maintain his can-do attitude. He credits his confidence to the extensive training he received at Leader Dog. “I don’t fear anything or anyone putting the two of us in harm’s way. He protects and trusts me and I do the same for him,” Bob says. ... Read More