A man sits near a sidewalk, hugging a yellow Labrador in leather Leader Dog harness


Spread Our Message. Change Lives.

Leader Dog’s mission would not be possible without your commitment to our organization. To sustain our efforts for years to come, it is important for more people to know about Leader Dog. Our goal is for everyone who encounters us to understand:

  • Our mission
  • What we stand for
  • Why we matter
  • How we do what we do better than anyone

Together, we need to communicate a consistent message to family, friends and the surrounding communities. The kind of message that sparks a conversation, ignites passion and motivates people to take action.

As a result, Leader Dog will be able to continue to impact the lives of people who are blind or visually impaired, extend our outreach to new areas and build a bigger community of supporters. With this guide, you will be prepared with the information to help us succeed.