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Golden retriever in blue Future Leader Dog vest looking up toward a person standing next to it. They are outside on sidewalk

Puppy Raising Options

Since no two households are alike, we’ve created multiple puppy-raising opportunities to fit different lifestyles. Which option is right for you?

One Household

It’s the traditional way to puppy-raise and perfect for families, college students, active
singles, retired couples and empty nesters.

Co-Raising (Primary and Secondary Raiser)

This option is for someone who wants to share duties with a person from another household.

  • The primary and secondary raisers work together to schedule who the puppy is with and when
  • Ideal for people who are close by and can share the responsibilities during the year


One raiser has the puppy for the first six months, and a second raiser has the puppy for the next six months.

  • Ideal for people who can commit only to a limited time raising a puppy
  • Individuals with pet weight/size restrictions or who may be more comfortable handling a younger, lighter dog can raise for the first six months
  • Individuals who prefer a dog that already has foundational behaviors may be interested in raising the last six months


Employees can raise puppies individually or in teams of up to three.

  • Great for employee engagement and social responsibility
  • Provides marketing, traditional media, and social media opportunities

Campus Puppies

For college students raising on campuses approved by Leader Dog.

  • Must participate in campus puppy club and meet with assigned puppy counselor
  • All supplies, veterinary care and food paid by Leader Dog

What else would you like to know about raising a puppy?

What else would you like to know about raising a puppy?

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John DiMarco with a black lab.

Please consider becoming a puppy raiser. In brief explanation, I’ll tell you why: my name is John DiMarco, my Leader Dog‘s name is Shadow. You cannot imagine the difference that Shadow has made in my life. And you’ll have the joy and satisfaction of raising a puppy that will guide somebody who's visually impaired for many years to come.

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