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Volunteers are crucial to the success of Leader Dogs for the Blind. You can serve in essential positions throughout our operations both on campus and off. Combined, there are over 800 volunteers that help us empower people who are blind or visually impaired with lifelong skills for independent travel. Explore our volunteer options to see what's right for you!

Cathy and FLD Kenya on path - photo by M Valenti

Raise a Puppy

There’s no doubt what our puppies want to be when they grow up, but they need your help. As a volunteer puppy raiser, you’ll be the foundation a puppy needs to become a Leader Dog. And together, you’ll empower someone who is blind or visually impaired with safe and independent daily travel. There are multiple options to raising, so check them out today.

Emma Jo & daughters with litter

Host a Breeding Dog

Hosting a breeding dog is a unique volunteer opportunity that invites you to bring a mom or dad dog into your family for the length of their breeding career—and beyond! Once your breeding mom or dad retires, they become a permanent member of your family. There are multiple option to hosting, so check them out today.

Volunteer Renee Manzella dog-in-training Sharon 2

Volunteer on Campus

Volunteers work throughout our campus: with dogs, in the lobby, vet clinic, puppy development or breeding areas. They also work with our clients on and off campus and support our philanthropy, client services, residential services, volunteer engagement, marketing and training staff.