A group of people, six with white canes and two without, walking parallel to the camera across part of Oakland University's campus on a sunny summer day

Professional and University Opportunities

We offer free O&M seminars to help educate current orientation and mobility professionals on the use of guide dogs and accessible GPS, and our Universities Program educates the next generation of O&M professionals on foundational techniques and instructional strategies. These seminars and programs broaden the reach of Leader Dog and increase the resources available to both students and practicing O&M professionals.

Room and board are provided on Leader Dog's campus. Attendees are responsible only for providing their own transportation to/from Michigan.

Guide Dog Seminar for O&M Specialists

This seminar is offered once a year and introduces practicing O&M professionals to our guide dog training, travel and field support requirements. Participants have the opportunity to experience guide dog problem-solving and preview GPS navigational technology. Participants receive 10 to 12 ACVREP continuing education credits.

  • Eligibility Requirements:
    • Participants must have completed university coursework and graduated at least six months prior to the seminar.
    • Participants must be certified orientation and mobility specialists with at least six months of experience.
    • Participants must not have previously attended this seminar within the last five years.
  • Challenge Level: Easy to moderate
    • Our next seminar will be held June 13–15, 2021*. The application deadline is April 26, 2021.

Questions? Email Elizabeth Johnson, COMS. You can also call her at 248-218-6670.

* The 2021 on-campus seminar is contingent on Leader Dog reopening to the public. Leader Dog is taking significant precautions to protect clients, staff and visitors from exposure to COVID-19. It is our intention to offer this seminar on campus if regulations allow. In the event that we are unable to host the seminar in person, we will host a condensed virtual seminar for applicants on Monday, June 14, 2021 to offer as much continuing education as possible, with hopes to add on the in-person trainings in the future.

University Experiences

Orientation and Mobility Practicum

Students in graduate-level programs from participating universities receive hands-on teaching experience working with individuals who are visually impaired and need orientation and mobility skills in the one-week Orientation & Mobility Training program.

Contact our manager of technology and extended services by phone at 888-777-5332 or email.

Orientation and Mobility Internship

Offered through the Edward T. and Ellen K. Dryer Foundation Orientation and Mobility Internship Academy, an O&M internship at Leader Dog will truly prepare the intern for a career as an orientation & mobility specialist. Throughout the internship process, the intern will have a multitude of teaching and learning experiences. Learn more about our O&M internships.


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