A group of people, six with white canes and two without, walking parallel to the camera across part of Oakland University's campus on a sunny summer day

Professional and University Opportunities

We offer free O&M seminars to help educate current orientation and mobility professionals on the use of guide dogs and accessible GPS, and our Universities Program educates the next generation of O&M professionals on foundational techniques and instructional strategies. These seminars and programs broaden the reach of Leader Dog and increase the resources available to both students and practicing O&M professionals.

Room and board are provided on Leader Dog's campus. Attendees are responsible only for providing their own transportation to/from Michigan.

Free Virtual Guide Dog Seminar for O&M Specialists - LIVE

Monday, June 14, 2021 from 10 a.m.–4 p.m. EST

Application deadline:  May 28, 2021

Earn up to 4.5 ACVREP CEUs

Join us to learn more about guide dogs and how you can help your clients become guide dog ready. In addition to the scheduled programming below, time will be provided for Q&A, group discussion, networking and several added activities to enhance your learning experience.

10–11: Overview of Leader Dog Programs and the Lifecycle of a Leader Dog

11:30–12:30: Guide Dog Readiness for O&M Professionals

1–2:30: Working with Deaf-Blind Guide Dog Clients

3–4: A Practical Guide to GPS Lesson Planning

If you cannot join the live presentation, you can access previously recorded portions of the information in the Virtual Learning section of our website for 2.75 ACVREP CEUs on our Virtual Learning page.

Questions? Contact our manager of extended services, Erica Ihrke, by phone at 888-777-5332 or email.

University Experiences

Orientation and Mobility Practicum

Students in graduate-level programs from participating universities receive hands-on teaching experience working with individuals who are visually impaired and need orientation and mobility skills in the one-week Orientation & Mobility Training program.

Contact our manager of extended services, Erica Ihrke, by phone at 888-777-5332 or email.

Orientation and Mobility Internship

Offered through the Edward T. and Ellen K. Dryer Foundation Orientation and Mobility Internship Academy, an O&M internship at Leader Dog will truly prepare the intern for a career as an orientation & mobility specialist. Throughout the internship process, the intern will have a multitude of teaching and learning experiences. Learn more about our O&M internships.