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Corporate Sponsors

Companies have always been expected to deliver quality products and services. Today, companies are also being asked to demonstrate effective corporate social responsibility.

At Leader Dog, we realize that every company is different. Whether you're looking for employee engagement opportunities, marketing exposure or something else, we will work with you to build a relationship that is 100% mutually beneficial.

Without Sponsors, There Would Be No Leaders.

With your support, we’re able to offer all Leader Dog services free of charge to our clients. We do not receive federal funding. We execute our mission entirely on funding from individuals, community service groups, corporations and foundations.

Audiences & Reach

By partnering with Leader Dog, you'll have the opportunity to reach the following audiences and geographic areas:

100,000+ visitors on-site

50,000+ active donor households in all 50 states

120,000+ Lions Club members in 42 states

3,500 blind or visually impaired client contacts

1,500 active Leader Dog teams in 50 states and 18 countries

1,000 passionate and engaged volunteers

50people currently raising puppies in 21 states

100 breeding stock host families in 6 states

Sponsorship Benefits

  • Association with a long-standing brand that people know and trust
  • Highly targeted marketing
  • Leveraged lead generation
  • Media exposure
  • Enhanced brand awareness and recognition
  • Employee engagement
  • Employee development opportunities
  • Talent recruitment
  • Community involvement

For a complete guide to partnership opportunities and pricing, or to discuss creating a custom package suited to your specific needs, please contact:

Stephen Moran in black polo with Leader Dog logo in white


Email: Stephen Moran
Special Events Manager
Phone: 248-659-5046

Purina Pro Plan logo

Purina Pro Plan

Fuel for Leader Dogs

Leader Dog volunteers receive 40–50% off Purina Pro Plan!

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets logo

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets

Chief Financial Credit Union logo

Chief Financial Credit Union

Get Your Leader Dog VISA or join the credit union for a full range of member services.

With your help, Chief FCU has donated nearly $500,000 to Leader Dog!

We have placed corporate social responsibility at the core of our foundation and intend to tirelessly work toward making our world a better place.

Premier Pet Supply

Premier Pet Supply

Bring in your Leader Dog identification badge to receive discounts from Premier Pet Supply!

20% Off for Leader Dog employees, puppy raisers, and breeding hosts. 10% off for Leader Dog volunteers.

AAA – The Auto Club Group logo

AAA - The Auto Club Group

Become a AAA Member using code FUNDLDB and $25 will be donated to Leader Dog!

Donation made when enrolling in AAA Membership. Please consider AAA's additional services in travel, insurance, banking, and more!

Membership, Insurance, Travel, Discounts & Rewards, Banking, Automotive services from The Auto Club Group.

Tevra Brands logo

Tevra Brands

Leader Dog's Official Flea & Tick Preventive

Get 25% Off with Code LEADER25.

Leader Dog's Official Flea & Tick Preventive, TevraPet® brands is where you go when shopping for vet quality products for your “fur kids.”

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As the saying goes, it takes a village, and it certainly takes a village to make the work that we do here at Leader Dogs for the Blind possible... Read more

17LDFB9011-4v1 BlogImages_Purina Gift

As a result of the My Dog is a Star campaign that ran in conjunction with the brand new Beverly Hills Dog Show Presented by Purina, Purina has donated $61,196 to Leader Dogs for the Blind... Read More