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Prospective Clients

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the virtual learning options or would like to learn more about a topic, please email Leslie Hoskins or give her a call at 248-650-7104.

Interested in applying for a program at Leader Dog? Explore Guide Dog, Orientation and Mobility or Teen Summer Camp.

What is O&M?

Screenshot from What is O&M? presentation

Have you heard the term "O&M" but aren't sure what it means? Learn about orientation and mobility (also known as white cane training) and Leader Dog's unique approach to white cane training.

Guide Dog Readiness

Screenshot from Guide Dog Readiness presentation

Are you ready for a guide dog? Hear from our certified orientation and mobility specialists and guide dog mobility instructors about strategies to prepare yourself and decide if now is the right time.

Client Testimonials

Screenshot from Client Testimonials presentation

Hear from Leader Dog graduates about their experiences during training at Leader Dog. Three graduates will discuss why they wish they would have come to Leader Dog sooner!

Campus Tour

Screenshot of Campus Tour presentation with aerial view of Leader Dog campus

Are you thinking about coming to training at Leader Dogs for the Blind and want to learn more about campus? Check out this video to learn more about the wonderful accommodations and what to expect on campus.

Accessible Pedestrian Signals

Screenshot of Accessible Pedestrian Signals presentation

Ever wondered what those beeping poles are at intersections and/or how they work? Learn what Accessible Pedestrian Signals (APS) are and what they are not, how they can assist with orientation and mobility, and how to request an APS in your area (download sample letter).

Programs and Services FAQs

Screenshot of Programs and Services FAQs presentation

Do you have some questions about Leader Dog and our programs and services? We've taken some of our most frequently asked questions and had our experts answer them! If you have additional questions please send them our way and we'll be happy to answer them for you!

When is it Time to Consider Using a White Cane?

Screenshot of When is it Time to Consider Using a White Cane? presentation

How do you know when it's the right time to get a white cane? Where do you get a white cane and how do you learn how to use it? During this short presentation you will learn the history of the white cane and how or when to get started.

Making a Guide Dog Application Video for Leader Dog

A woman with a white cane crosses a street on a brick crosswalk. There is traffic in the street behind her.

Getting ready to apply for training at Leader Dog? Leader Dog requires a video with your application to find out more about your mobility skills and prep the best training for each applicant. View a sample application video and learn what is important to include and some tips and tricks for the videographer.

What to Expect When Applying to Leader Dog

Screenshot of PowerPoint on a video

Have you ever wondered about the application process for Leader Dog programs? This video shares what to expect when applying to Leader Dog including what to bring and how to prepare.

Descriptive Yoga

Screenshot of woman seated in yoga pose

Have you ever considered trying yoga? This video provides a one-hour descriptive yoga session provided by yoga instructor, Heidi Hess. Heidi walks participants through some common yoga poses that can be beneficial for body awareness, balance and strength.

The Unique Matching Process of Handler and Guide Dog

Screenshot of online presentation

Have you ever wondered how guide dog mobility instructors (GDMI) find the perfect guide dog for individuals who are blind or visually impaired? During this video you will learn what GDMIs look for in both the client and guide dog and how complete the unique matching process.

Teen Opportunities at Leader Dogs for the Blind

Teen Opportunities at Leader Dog

Do you know a teenager who is blind or visually impaired and looking to learn more about orientation and mobility or guide dogs? This video discusses the programs at Leader Dog specific to teens including our Youth O&M and Teen Summer Camp.

Human Guide for Individuals Who are Blind or Visually Impaired

Screenshot of a woman walking next to a man in sunglasses on a sidewalk. The woman is holding the man's elbow and he is walking slightly ahead of her.

Wondering how you can help someone who is blind or visually impaired? Learn how to offer assistance and help guide someone safely. You can also download our human guide brochure for handy techniques.

Life Cycle of a Leader Dog: Breeding

Screenshot of presentation

The breeding department discusses our breeding program and why we breed our own dogs. A volunteer breeding host shares their experiences as they prepare to return their most recent litter of puppies.

Life Cycle of a Leader Dog: Puppy Raising

puppy raising webinar screenshot (1)

Our puppy development department explains some new options for raising a puppy, and a puppy raiser shares about their puppy raising journey.

Life Cycle of a Leader Dog: Formal Training

A guide dog mobility instructor (GMDI) will discuss the four months of formal training Leader Dogs go through. Also, the apprentice coordinator will discuss the process of becoming a GDMI. Coming July 24! Register on Zoom.

Collaboration Events

Collaboration Events are an opportunity to spotlight other organizations within the blindness and low vision field to learn about additional available resources. While Leader Dog has many programs and services to offer, we are not alone and there are numerous other organizations that could be of great benefit to our contacts. These events are held the last Wednesday of every month at 3 p.m. EST and are open to anyone.

Get your invite to upcoming Collaboration Events.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the virtual learning options or would like to learn more about a topic, please email Leslie Hoskins or give her a call at 248-650-7104.

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