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A chocolate Labrador in leather Leader Dog harness sits looking at the camera with open mouth as though smiling. The background is light gray. In the center of the image is the Harness the Power of Leadership logo


It's time for a different kind of leadership conference.

Team Building, Trust, Empowerment & Communication

Don your blindfold for this memorable, not-so-typical, one-day leadership workshop. By learning the principles of Leader Dog training, you’ll transform your team into better leaders, managers and coworkers.

  • Presenter who is blind introduces the communication techniques he or she uses with a Leader Dog and shows how they will work for you.
  • Blindfold walks with Leader Dogs allow you to practice new leadership skills.
  • Perfect for new and mid-level managers and cross-functional or newly formed teams.

Ready to take the lead?

Want to learn how Harness the Power of Leadership is right for your team?

Dave Bann in a dark suit jacket and white shirt. He is smiling at the camera and holding a golden retriever puppy in its blue Future Leader Dog bandanna.

Dave Bann
Director of Corporate Relations