Personal Giving

Imagine planning your future and having the ability to change people's lives at the same time...

Providing the opportunity for people who have lost their sight to remain active and independent...

Providing the opportunity for youth who are blind to meet, share experiences, gain greater independence and pursue their dreams...

Providing those whose blindness is complicated by other disabilities with the tools necessary to live independent and successful lives.

What Will Your Legacy Be?

Charitable Bequest in a Will or Trust

This gift stipulates that a specific amount or percentage of the remainder of your estate be giving to Leader Dog after your lifetime.

Retirement Fund Assets

These assets are taxed if given to an individual; however, with an IRA, you may have a withdrawal sent directly to Leader Dog and avoid tax consequences.

Life Insurance

Life insurance in the form of an old policy no longer needed by the original beneficiary or a newly created policy to benefit Leader Dog can be a helpful investment. Small premiums now may generate a major gift in the future, and premiums for these policies are often tax deductible. Many employers provide group life insurance as a benefit, and Leader Dog may be named for a portion of the proceeds.

Publicly Traded Stocks or Bonds

These stocks and bonds make excellent gifts and can be easily trasnferred to Leader Dog. By giving this way, you can bypass capital gains tax liability and receive an income tax deduction based on the assets' value at the time of the gift. You may even be able to make a larger gift than you thought possible.

Now is the Time.

For more information, or for a personalized Charitable Gift Annuity illustration, please contact:

Lora Cabarios
Director of National Personal Giving

Your tax-deductible gift helps to make people unstoppable.

Tax ID: Federal: 38-1366931  |  Michigan: A-152543