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Statement on Ethical Training and Care of Guide Dogs

Smiling woman on couch looking at sitting black lab in Leader Dog harness

The International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF) and Assistance Dogs International (ADI) recently released a joint statement on the ethical training and care of guide and assistance dogs. As a longstanding member of both the IGDF and ADI, Leader Dog adheres to and endorses this statement. We wanted to take this opportunity to reaffirm our own commitment to the highest standards of care for our dogs in and out of the harness.

From the moment one of our puppies is born, they receive top-notch veterinary care, proper nutrition and enriching socialization experiences. This foundation sets the stage for these dogs to grow into confident, capable companions for individuals with visual impairments.

In addition to physical well-being, Leader Dogs for the Blind recognizes the importance of our dogs’ mental and emotional health. We use positive reinforcement training methods that ensure their education is built on trust and respect. These methods not only result in skilled guide dogs but also foster strong bonds between the dogs and their handlers.

We understand that Leader Dogs are more than just working animals; they’re integral parts of their handlers’ lives. Leader Dogs are not machines and should be treated and cared for as the invaluable companions and life-enhancing assets they are.

You can view the entire statement from IGDF and ADI here.

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